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General Bursaries – Application (for all graduating students pursuing ANY post-secondary program)

APPLY BY : WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 2024 @ 3:30 PM 

(for all other bursaries & scholarships available for specific programs, click here)

Applicants have to include a copy of their letter of acceptance from a post-secondary institution with their application package. If the applicant has not yet received an answer at the time of submission, he/she must send it by e-mail (or bring a copy to the office) to the CVR Ed Foundation when received. Bursaries and Scholarships will not be awarded without acceptance in a post-secondary institution. Click here to upload and send your document.

The following bursaries require only one application, which will register your candidacy for all 4 bursaries. Click on the name to read the details of each bursary. Consult and print the scoring criteria to know what you will be scored on when you apply.

***Print this checklist to help you in your application process.  This will ensure you have all the necessary documents

These bursaries are for students pursuing :


The Huntingdon Academy Class of 1947 Bursary : Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the class of 1947 (2 x $500).

The Rennie Memorial Bursary : In memory of Mr. John Gillies Rennie, teacher and principal and Miss Alice Rennie, teacher (2 x $500).

The Reverend John (Jack) C.T. Johnson Memorial Bursary : Jack Johnson spent his life teaching in the Chateauguay Valley. He was involved in the Quebec Teachers’ Union as President, taught overseas for the Department of National Defense and upon retirement became a clergyman (2 x $500).

The Drummond Bursaries : The Drummond family has graciously been donating funds for the Drummond Scholarship for Education for several years.  They generously decided to expand their offer to all graduating students pursuing any post-secondary education. (6 x $500)


How to apply for the GENERAL Bursaries? (Print this checklist)
  1. Consult the Bursaries and Scholarships grid to see qualification requirements.
  2. Write, print and sign a letter of intent. See template here.
  3. Print and complete the Financial Need Assessment Form.
  4. Get a letter of reference from a CVRHS educator.
  5. Get a letter of reference from outside school milieu
  6. Add a copy of your letter of acceptance from a post-secondary establishment
  7. Get a copy of your latest MEQ (Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec) Achievement Record.
  8. Get a copy of your Term 2 (Feb. 2024) CVRHS Report Card (all pages/sides).
  9. Put all the documents (unfolded and no staples please) in a large sealed envelop addressed to: CVREF Bursaries / 1st round applications.
  10. Bring the envelop to your Guidance Counselor (Spiro Angelopoulos) or to the CVRHS reception desk before the deadline (Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 @ 3:30 pm).
  11. Don’t hesitate to contact your Guidance Counselor or the CVR Educational Foundation if you have questions.

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