Vanessa Krohn, receiving the Force 3 Medical Scholarship, 2019

Sir, Madam. Members of the Board

My name is Vanessa Krohn and I am writing this letter to thank you for all the scholarships and prizes you have awarded me at graduation. I cannot explain how honored I am to have been the recipient of so many.  As you probably already know, I will begin my studies at Marianopolis College in Westmount this summer.  I intend to make a career in medicine, an area that has fascinated me since I was a very young girl and, thanks to ou, I am closer to my goal.  By awarding me the scholarships, you have REDUCED MY FINANCIAL BURDEN, which will allow me to put MORE EMPHASIS ON THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF SCHOOL: LEARNING.

Studies remain a great passion for me but I also have the chance to be a pianist and an equestrian rider.  Music allows me to express myself, relax and share my emotions.  I hope you enjoyed my little concert at the ceremony.  When I ride my horse, I share my talent with an animal and together we cross obstacles more than four feet high.  With my horse Belvedere, I learned to be structured, patient and determined: qualities that will allow me one day to be a good doctor.  This summer, I am fortunate to work at the Hemmingford Health Coop where I will do medical secretary work and hours with a nurse clinician and a general practitioner doctor.  This will be good training to prepare for my future career.

In short, thank you again for your hard work : I know it takes a team to organize the foundation and you sure do an incredible job.  The students at CVR are very lucky to have a foundation that awards so many prizes.  I have realized by talking to my friends from other schools that this is not common.  With your help, I will be able to cover a good part of my tuition fees and living arrangements.

I hope that you will allow me to write to you from time to time to inform you of my school progress


Vanessa Krohn, class of 2019


Kelsey Sylvester, accepting the Tony Evans Bursary & trophy, 2019

Dear CVR Educational Foundation Board of Directors

I am sincerely honoured to be the recipient of the J.David Aikman Memorial Scholarship.  Words can not express how grateful I am for this generous donation in support of my post-secondary studies.  I will be attending John Abbott College in the fall in their Science program and this money will go a long way to offset the cost.  I am honoured to have received this bursary and to be a part of a group of students who have been afforded the opportunities these scholarships and bursaries present.  IT IS EXTREMELY REASSURING TO KNOW THAT PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE GRADUATES OF CVR ARE REWARDED FOR THEIR HARD WORK and that there are people that are willing to donate to a community that never stops giving.

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for giving me, and many others, the chance to pursue further education without added stress of financial burden


Kelsey Sylvester, class of 2019

Thank you so much for what, you as a committee, do for the graduating class of CVR each year.   YOU ARE A FOUNDATION THAT AIDS SO MANY STUDENTS KICK DOWN WALLS DURING THE NEXT STEPS OF THEIR LIVES.  I could not be more grateful of what I have been awarded with. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to have read through my letters. CVR is such a special school to have an Educational Foundation. It is committed in helping out deserving students through the outpour of support by the community’s donations [..through] prizes, bursaries and scholarships. Financial support can be a huge issue for many students in the Valley. Thank you for allowing dreams and life goals come true. Thank you for your continuous generosity

Kevin MacFarlane, class of 2018

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